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Originally Posted by Teslasnip View Post
Oh, I invested in RWC after it tanked to 25-30 dollars and now it poped back to 110 dollars!
I can confirm this, although your stock prices were quite a bit different from mine. My RWC prices were roughly $17/share before the mission, after mission they tanked to $2.75 after pulling my money out it was up to $11.71/share. After the redwood cigarette assassination mission I didn't the investment in Debonaire cigarettes however after I got my 82% return I invested all of the money I had into RWC (roughly 45 million per character) and got a huge 300% - 326% return for all three of my characters. All I ended up doing was a few strangers and freaks stuff while waiting to pull my money out and do the next assassination mission.

All three of my characters are sitting fat, dumb, and happy with roughly $475 million each with one assassination mission to go.

Thanks for the guide Callum, and thanks Teslasnip
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