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Thanks for the list.

Here's a question: My son and I have completed 85% of the game on the Wii (probably 30 hours or more since he was 6-7 at the time). Is there any way I can enter the cheat codes as well as some of the controller combinations that unlock the levels from the main menu to unlock things on Xbox 360 to get us close to the level of completion we were at on the Wii so we can complete to 100% on Xbox 360, and through the process of entering the cheats, having it be a mass unlocking of achievements for us? Basically, will entering the cheat codes and controller combinations to unlock things unlock the achievements too? (I see questions always asking about cheats disabling achievements, but here I'm asking if the in-built cheats for the game will unlock the achievements after they are entered.)

I get that at least for the red brick achievement, we'll have to go back and actually find any unlocked with cheat codes which isn't a big deal. I'd like to avoid having re-play the whole game as we have the following LEGO games to complete all the way through (they're too much fun!): Batman, Batman 2, Harry Potter 5-7, and soon Marvel Super Heroes.

If we have to re-play to get the achievements we will, but if I can shortcut just this game for all the effort put in on another console, that'd be great. This is one situation where I wish the game had asked you for a login for a master account through the game publisher where if you played it on another console/PC, your account progress would be shared (a bit forward thinking for this game since it came out a while ago).
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