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Originally Posted by trymemf View Post
What would happen if you invest say 20mil in HAL and then reload the save quickly after? Of course you get your money back but what would happen to the market?
This is where the online part comes into play, and your stats get synced to the servers. If its an hourly rate or 6/12/24 hour intervals etc. Probably to prevent a mini GFC happening in Los Santos.

Also it doesnt matter how much you invest in, whether its 100k or 150m, it never tells you how much of a stake you have in that company. So you never know how much of an influence your money has on the market. If anything, id say it'd go by the current amount of people invested in that company and its rival and work out the change percent from there. Otherwise you could have entire crews planning and dumping ~$1b into stocks for a quick buck and completely ruining the stock market.

Originally Posted by Toxis142 View Post
Another thing I have noticed while playing last night the Social club website listed HAL at $1.10 (currently listed at $1.09) and looking at it while in game still showed HAL at $0.87. Not sure how often prices are pushed to update in game (maybe on game restart?) but could be a way to make some money by delaying updates if possible.
Id say the social club would have the closest 'real-time' figures, as this is where the BAWSAQ is hosted. Makes it much easier to grab data from a local server than it is over a console. There's probably a limit on how much Rockstar can use the Xbox to grab data from its servers (or the other way around to reduce load). Until you're in the Online mode for GTA, the single player one probably hardly updates. Unless when Online does go live and SP does its sync in intervals (as stated above).

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