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Here's some thoughts from after my first playthrough c&p from elsewhere.

Just finished Remember Me, I wouldn't recommend it. Enslaved does pretty much the same gameplay stuff but better.

I liked the additions to the Batman-style combat but the close camera meant attacks kept coming from out of the frame.
I don't see what the point of the over-the-shoulder view (when using the Spammer) was when the target gets highlighted in white. Cuts down the FOV.

Having to re-read tips and re-set your combos after failing at a checkpoint is pretty annoying.

The second stage of the final boss has a foreground obstruction in the way of a key enemy in the background.

The game has two contenders for worst dialogue of the year, the Trace chopper fight and the final boss. Really fucking awful.

Anyway the memory remix stuff was great and I liked the Scaramechs, those were a cool idea. 5/10 overall, decent, but whatevs.
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