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Originally Posted by kingofkings dfa View Post
How have you got that much, you seem to be the only person who has billions? Gutted cause when Hal dropped to -11.7% I only had 5k in the bank with my characters now it's up to 4.15 but still put 2.5mil in with each one.
After I beat the game I had about $25 million per character, I then followed Callum's guide on this site to making big money during the assassination missions. One thing that his guide doesn't reference is investing into RWC after it tanks (netted a 300% return on that). After I finished all of the assassination missions my characters had roughly $850 million each. I spent some time/money buying all of the properties, the golf course and other cinemas being the most expensive. I then invested everything I had left on each character into HAL (trevor has $200 mil invested into LSC but his portfolio is worth 3.4 billion now). Price per share has gone up a bit from my last post. I'm now at 3.2 - 4.2 billion.

I also originally invested when HAL was at $0.87/share, would have been $0.76/share but price went up on me a couple hours earlier.

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