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first , sorry for my bad english.

I found 6 collectibles by myself
except yours here is what I found:

-Processing Plant

-The harvester

-Landing at the ore offloading facility

When you arrive on scaffolding with many points grapple .After you grab the 3rd , double jump at the right to find a collectible.

-Water temple

-Timber rafting

when you are on rafts then backtrack to the third rafts to get a collectible.

-The abandoned mine

when you are attacked by a lot of little spiders , on the right of a mana mask , jump on the alcove to find a collectible.

-City of the dead

-The top of the world

After an arena when you fight against 2 sorcerers. Take the grap point and before crossing the wooden bridge to go "Where god rest" turn at the right where a wall is broken to find a new collectible

-The Rainforest City

-The draw bridge

when the drawbridge appears with fire boulders , on the bridge jump right hovering toward a platform with a new collectible.

-Dark Jungle

Toward the mountain of time

after beat the flamethrower , go back at the left near a red mask to get a collectible.
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