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General info

What is Phantom Breaker EXTRA?

Phantom Breaker EXTRA is a 2D fighting game developed and published by 5pb. It has almost the same fighting game mechanics as Persona 4 Arena, but with additional fighting game styles; Quick, Hard and the new EXTRA.

The game is easy to pickup for a novice fighter as it has a 4-button layout. The combo's are also easy to perform with most of the cast.

So, when did it came out?
The original Phantom Breaker (ファントムブレイカー Fantomu Bureikā) is a 2D fighting game developed and published by 5pb. in 2011. The game was initially slate to be launched in April 2011 but was delayed and released in June 2011.

On May, 2013 5pb. announced a new version of Phantom Breaker titled Phantom Breaker: Extra (ファントムブレイカー: Extra Fantomu Bureikā: Extra) is in development and was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 19, 2013.

Erm... Iíve never played a Phantom Breaker game before. Do I need to know anything/Which should I play first?
Both the original and the EXTRA are similiar to each other. 'cept EXTRA has an extra style called EXTRA and has 4 more extra characters

The fighting game mechanic is still the same in EXTRA, 'cept for some minor tweaks and nerves on some of the original characters (like range, hit box). It still has the same 4-button layout, like in Persona 4 Arena, minus the 'easy-mash-1-button-combo'

Can I import the JP version of the game for my EU/US X360 console?
Well, I can confirm that the digital version from the JP Games on Demand is indeed region free as I have tested it myself on my EU X360.

A few members also confirmed that the HK digital version (which is a bit cheaper) is also region free.

The retail version (disc) has been confirmed to be region free!

I can't understand any of these achievement descriptions. Help!

Sure (link). Credits to The Stray.

Who are the guest characters in the game that everybody talks about?
Rimi Sakihata from Chaos;Head and Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate.

How do I unlock them? It looks cool to see those characters duke it out!
Rimi and Kurisu are not playable from the get-go. Same goes with White Mikoto & L.

To unlock these characers, you need to clear Situation Battle mode as Sophia, Shizuka, Gaito and Ende.

After you've cleared the requirements. Choose the normal Mikoto if you want to play as White Mikoto or M. if you want to play as L.

Hit the left stick to the left BEFORE choosing your style (Quick, Hard or EXTRA) to select White Mikoto or L.

Are there any other characters besides those guest characters?
Only the 4 new characters in EXTRA: Sofia Kalganova, Shizuka Saejima, Ende & Gaito (& Rin)

It's kinda weird to see Rin in the loading screen with Gaito, but not during the battle...

So what's with this 'Situational Battle mode'? It sounds complicated!
Situational Battle mode pits you against certain objectives during a match. For example, perform 2x Special Moves in a match or end the match with a Super Special attack. If you manage to K.O your foe without the requirements, it will only net you 1 star.

If you happen to clear one of the requirements, this will net you 2 stars. Or 3 stars, which is the maximum you can get if you are lucky enough!

Here is (link) an example of Sophia's Situational Battle (Story) mode. Keep in mind it's still a WiP post. Credits to black_raen from GameFaqs.

I hated the !@#$%%$ trials in Street Fighter, BlazBlue, Marvel VS Capcom 3. Don't tell me... it's in here right?
Sadly, but no. No trials allas...

IMO, it would've been great to have a trial mode in the game. So new people can have an idea how the combo system works as it's somewhat complicated what moves and whatnot can or cannot be cancelled into another...

I can't get my combo's high enough to get that final Combo achievement. Any tips?
Sure, take a look at these 2 video's:
1st section 1:08 explains on how to get up to 30+ combo with Cocoa (Hard style)
2nd section 2:35 explains on how to get up to 50+ combo with Infinity (Quick style/A47A47's method)

At 1:06 mark, explains on how to get up to 60+ combo with Mikoto (Extra style)

Or watch the alternative video by RAINKINGX1.

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