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So after playing on beginner and restarting if I didn't get 4 stars on a training session AND playing career mode over 10 times, here are my tips and tricks:

Training sessions:
Tire Flip, Heavy Bag, Transition, Stand Up, Ground & Pound, Clinch, Take down, Ground Top, Ground Bottom & Submission are all VERY important sessions if you want your fighter to be well rounded. What's the point of having 90's for striking if you play the computer on advanced or expert and get tapped out in the first round because you didn't at least get your bottom grappling or submission defense in the 70's?!... Honestly!

Your fighter can have crazier stats/ratings than Bones or The Spider but if you don't have a well rounded arsenal of technique strikes, take downs, ground & pound strikes and different escapes/transitions or submissions from the bottom, then you might as well always play the CPU on beginner because once you play the harder difficulty settings you will absolutely get stomped even if you have a 105 rated CAF.

I've found the perfect balance to be about 20-25 different techniques. This will still allow you to still have a 92-93 rated CAF that can hold his own against the harder CPU difficulty settings. I can't stress enough how important it is to learn escape techniques from the bottom to which the best ones are located in Black House, Wolfslair & Sidyodtong. Literally the first thing I do after starting a new CAF is make sure I get his bottom grappling to 70 and fast so that I can learn the different bottom escape techniques from those camps for multiple bottom situations.

Once I've got those taken care of I move on to learning striking/takedown/ground n pound techniques from the different camps that I know I WON'T be attending once I've finished my 15th fight and have to choose my main camp.

Also just for fun here are some of my favorite & effective camp techniques:

Santos's straight
Forest's front kick
Side kick
Rolling Sabat
Single collar tie uppercut
Pummel to double underhooks
Side slam to side control (single leg against cage)

Over hook
Brazilian head kick
Transition to side control, top
BOTH transitions to mount, top
Elbow strike, bottom guard
Transition to double leg takedown
Sweep transition to open guard

Black House:
Lyotos straight
Lyotos head kick
Karate back kick
Shoguns stepping hook
Lyotos stepping straight
Judo Osoto Gari to side control
Strong Muay Thai whip
Any ground n pound elbow
Any sweeps from a bottom position

Chuck's straight
Ducking uppercut
Napao's head kick
Lunging left/right hook to body
Suplex to side control
Double chop
Strike catch to armbar from bottom
Any transition from bottom

Jones backfist
Hendo's straight (love the H-bomb)
Back spinning heel hook
Chopping hook
Pummel to Muay Thai clinch
Judo Ahsi Barai to half guard
Any transition from bottom

Greg Jacksons:
Quick superman punch (camp loyalty)
GSP's head kick (camp loyalty)
Karate back kick
Karate spin kick
Jumping double leg take down
Armlock throw to side control
Any transition from bottom

Hope this helps someone!
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