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Trouble getting medals in DX+

I've unlocked 8 of the 12 new medals introduced in the DX+ update, but four of them I can't seem to unlock, therefore preventing me from unlocking the Classic skin (which I'd LOVE to unlock):

My Worst Enemy - I'm following the instructions given by the medal (Achieve a new personal best three times in Score Attack - 5 Minutes), but even after replaying all the courses and getting new high scores, this medal just won't unlock.

First Time Sharing,
Advanced Sharing,
Sharing Master - No matter what I try to share with my Facebook account, I get the following error every time after pressing 'Share:'

"Sorry, there was a problem connecting your account or sharing to Facebook. Try again later. Status code: 0x838107D2"

I've shared other achievements from other games from the dashboard with no trouble at all, so I'm thinking it's a glitch with the game.

Anybody else having these issues?
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