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Originally Posted by ItzAndy05 View Post
Right I followed everything Callum said and yeah it all works perfectly just follow his steps.
But if you want to double your money a further two more times you can.

On the 2nd mission follow his steps and when you get to the part when you've sold all your shares for Debonaire Cigs put all your money into Redwood cigarettes(if its still in the red). I got an 81% increase for debonaire and made about 50mil but I got a 300% increase in redwood so i went from 26mil to 250million just on one mission!

Then I did the same on the 3rd mission, get the best profit you can from fruit(only 31% for me) and then put EVERYTHING into Facade (which is the rival company) and then save and sleep to you've got the highest profit you can(about 98% for me).

So having finished the game and leaving the assassination missions till last i went from each character having around $27million to the stupid amount of:


That's going to keep me in hookers and ammunition for quite a while.
how many in game days does it take for redwoods to go green again? all mine is doing is going down more lol

edit: nevermind, doing the save thing 1 more time to advance time made the stock sky rocket to 300% lol

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