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Originally Posted by Selections View Post
No. If a lot of players where investing in Ammunation, their stock price would be increasing. Since launch its gone from $699-$701 to $458.28 at a fall of -25.14% from the time of this post. Which is a huge significant loss.

Like people have said before; When online launches and people are going to rob a store the only one comes to mind for a lot of people is Ammunition because its easily recognizable.
Then again the initial swarm of players buying weapons and stockpiling ammo may drive the price back up past the $700 mark, I wouldn't expect it to last long before it falls below $500 again.
A fair point actually, I'd not really paid attention to stock prices beyond HAL.

I'll be knocking off 24/7 because I'm more of a two-bit criminal and they're probably slightly easier to do successfully!
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