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For the 15 Knife Flights you will need a small Plane. What you take it plays no role. I have taken the stunt plane because it is the smallest and most agile. It can be available for purchase for $ 250,000 in Internet.

What a Knife Flights is or how it works, you can watch / learn in the Flight School at the Airport in Los Santos when it becomes available. In Principle, it tilts the plane just to the Side, keeping the height using the Rudder.

The overview Map of all Knife Flights:


Timelinks (match up with Map Numbers):

After the Main Story Mission "Merryweather Heist" you can buy the Dock. This Costs $ 250,000 and can be purchased by any Character. Once you have bought the Dock, you can start to recover the 30 Barrels.

The Game supports you with an App called "Trackify". This App leads you from barrel to barrel and is pretty accurate. Should disappear the App or you accidentally close it, then open the phone and load them simply new (bottom right of the phone)

To recover all their needs about 30 barrels 3h. The Submarine is really slow and you have to go round the Island completely.

The overview Map of all 30 Objects:


Timelinks (match up with Map Numbers):

The submarine parts were taken purely on the request of some users. The submarine parts are a stranger and freaks mission of Abigail. The Mission is after the Main Story Mission "Blitzplay" available. You must also have the dock. Abigail speaks with Michael, the mission can only be started and finish by Michael.
The submarine parts but can find any character again.

You get a help to detect as in the nuclear waste barrels. This really is very accurate and helps immensely. As long as the mission is active and you fall from the red boat in the water, you have to always automatically a diving suit.

A own Map is not needed here, because you always on the game map looks where the parts are coming (Green Circle)



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