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Originally Posted by Quid Squid View Post
I had started to, but then figured some people might not find some as easy as others, but here are the ones I typed out before giving up

Edit: I now have 70 completed, these are the one I did for the achievement. I tried to stay away from the losing health and accuracy ones, but there are a few. May not be the ideal list for everyone, but it's a start I guess. I put a few notes, because some like Masks and Boiler Suits only take about 12 seconds to get gold for the entire mission. Youtube was a huge help for completing these.

Main Missions

Mattiage Counseling
Daddy's Little Girl
Friend Request
- activate Michaels ability right before going into the cutscene. Had a time of 11 seconds. (I don't take credit for this method, just came across it in my search for how to do missions)
Good Husband
Casing the Jewelry Store
BZ Gas Grenades
Bugstars Equipment
Trevor Philips Industries
By the Book
Did Somebody Say Yoga?
Scouting the Port
Trash Truck
Tow Truck
(this and Boiler Suits take a whole 12 seconds to do the whole mission)
Boiler Suits
Hang Ten
Architect's Plans
Doting Dad
Fire Truck
Gauntlet x3
(redoing these missions -scratched one and brought back another one not pictured- put me in the correct car from the start, so all you have to do is upgrade it and then stash it.
Hotel Assassination
Vice Assassination
Bus Assassination
Time's Come
- Don't forget you can replay the other 2 endings you didn't choose for 2 easy Gold medals (assuming you chose C)
Something Sensible - See Time's Come

Strangers & Freaks

Tow Truck Missions (Tonya) - Pulling Favors, Pulling Another Favor, Pulling Favors Again, Still Pulling Favors, Pulling One Last Favor
Paparazzo (Beverly) - Paparazzo, Sex Tape, Highness, Reality Check
Grass Roots - Michael, Pickup, Drag
Exercising Demons - Michael, Franklin,
Target Practice
Civil Border Patrol (Use the mini-gun as soon as they try leaving the parking lot), Minute Man Blues
Kifflom - Chasing the Truth. Delivering the Truth, Unkowing the Truth
Dom - Risk Assessment, Targeted Risk, Uncalculated Risk, Liquidity Risk,
Rampage - 1-5
Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie, Tyler, Kerry, Mark, Last Act
Starlet in Vinewood
- Closing the Deal, Surreal Estate, Breach Contract

hey i see you did the Rampage missions 1-5 i thought those didnt count
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