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Originally Posted by Nitnoid View Post
I keep seeing posts about people buying the stock. I have yet to see anyone initiating a sell-off. Is everyone still waiting for the bubble to burst on its own?

Actually, some people are trying to pop the Pisswasse bubble, or atleast cause it to dip a bit. The goal is to see if we actually have influence on these stocks, instead of it all being scripted (selling betwwn 4:40pm to about 6:30pm EST). I decided to participate and just sold all my PIS. When the stock updates in 2 hours, if it goes down somewhat, then we'll known for sure that we can manipulate stocks. If it goes up, I'll reinvest my cash into PIS or HAL. I'm still way way away from being able to afford all properties.

There is also an apparent opportunity with LifeInvader. Supposedly, every now and then it drops down to about $2.50. Most of the time, I see it in the high 20s, but apparently it rises every so often in the mid 200s.

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