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Originally Posted by Vulger Spartan View Post
TURN OFF autosave. I f**ked my previous autosaved gamed and had to back track to one of my other saves (losing like 3-4 of missions) because I realized my achievements weren't unlocking even after I reloaded the my game.

Also I'd say just a forewarning for 100%ers using cheats, TURN OFF autosave because if/when there's DLC in the future who knows if it it will effect the DLCs achievements if you use the same file that you 100%ed.
it doesnt matter just quick save yourself, theres 15 slots, no reason to rely on autosave, the quick save actually saves exactly what you were doing as well

i was in a plane and loaded it up and i was right there again

PS the full entire list is out,

invincibility FTW!
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