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Maybe or maybe not... didn't want to clutter up the forum with another thread

I've been looking everywhere for the answer to this question; is there only one parking space at Floyd's safe house (for Trevor)? Haven't had much luck finding the answer, so...

I'm wondering if we could add a paragraph to the FAQ section of the Encyclopedia detailing how many parking spots each place has in regards to storing vehicles. I know the "Vehicle Storage" garages for each character hold 4, but for example I was thinking Trevor's house only had one spot in the garage on the side of the trailer, when in fact I ended up being able to fit two cars in there... Michael's safe house garage has two spots in the garage, but I couldn't put a bike in there (would have been the third vehicle) even through there looked like enough room to fit the bike... Franklin's initial house has only one spot in the garage, yet his default vehicle (Western Bagger bike and Bravado Buffalo car appear there all the time)... still early in the game so there may be other parking areas that open up that I haven't found yet.

I only bring this up because when I first got to Floyd's, I was thinking that whole area underneath the building could fit cars (looked like 3 spots) and so I ended up losing a Truffade Adder Super car that I parked there. I think it is only one parking spot at Floyd's (will try to test tonight), but a full list might be helpful.

Maybe even include the character's default vehicles in the list (correct this list if I am wrong, as again, I am still early in the game: Franklin - Bravado Buffalo [sports] and Western Bagger [motorcycle], Michael - Obey Tailgater [sedan], and Trevor - Canis Bodhi [off-road]). Could also include info about the hangers, helipads and marina slips.

I didn't want to create a whole new thread for this if it was already answered somewhere that I am not finding yet. So if this list already exists, can we get it added to the Encyclopedia FAQ section? No big deal if you say no. And since I am still early in the game, I can't really contribute much to this at this time, but I am more than willing to try and add to it over time.

Side note: You may also want to update the "sleeping times". I am reading that they are varied from character to character; Franklin 8 hours, Michael 6 hours and Trevor 12 hours (NOT personally verified yet).
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