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Originally Posted by JDMHatchG View Post
The Strangers and Freaks are a lot easier than the Main Missions imo. I got 42 golds on S&F and 40 on Main Missions.

I want to know if anyone has managed to gold "Targeted Risk". I must have tried that shit 20 times and I can't beat 7 seconds.. or I can't reach the truck lol
Also had problems with that one. Never could beat 7 seconds, because at eight seconds I hit the street face-first. but when you hold your left thumbstick slightly forward you get more forward momentum (start flying instead of falling like a bag of bricks). Landed on the truck with 14 seconds fall time.

OT: thanks for the list, I need 30 more gold. Personally I think "Franklin and Lamar" is not easy to gold. Cannot follow Lamar without multiple crashes,,,, and one alien just jumps in front of my car it seems.

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