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All VICTORY awards (except Survival and The Record Holder) - These can all be easily boosted with 2-4 players and inviting them into private matches.

Survival - There are many methods for completely this on any map (THIS ONE is listed in the achievement guide), but here is a video to complete it solo:

The Record Holder - Many people received this award during the first few days of GTA Online because of server instability. Right now, this seems near impossible to complete as most (if not all) world record times in races have been modded.

War Pig and Veteran Racer - These can easily be boosted with 2 players. Otherwise, open your phone, choose Quick Job, and select Join Deathmatch or Join Race.

Nick Of Time - Load up Construction Bail solo, jump straight down, and open your parachute high enough so you don't die when you hit the ground, but low enough so you take some damage/fall down when you land. An alternative method:

Point Break - Choose any parachuting missions that starts up high (like Up In The Clouds), jump and immediately pull your parachute. Pull back on the left stick the entire time you are descending and it should take over 3 minutes to land.

Stayed On Target - Choose any parachuting mission (Terminal Velocity works well) and land on the target at the end.

Clear Out - Locations can be seen at or Finish 5 within a 24-hour period in the game (~45 minutes real time).

Checking Out - To complete a match in 6 darts, you either need to get a double 20, 3 triple 20s, triple 19, and a double 12 OR double 20, 3 triple 20s, triple 15, and a double 18 in that order.

Birdies - Play golf and score at least 1 stroke under par. This comes down to practice and finding what holes you are good at.

Hole-In-One - Hole 6 seems to be the easiest to get a hole in one on. Set up a match for only hole 6. Aim your shot to land right before the fringe and apply top spin in the direction of the hole. Your best bet is to have the ball roll into the hole.

Ace - To "ace" in tennis, you need to score a point on the serve. This can easily be boosted with a friend. Otherwise, work on getting full power and aiming left or right when serving.

The Hustler - Place bets during jobs like races and win. This can be boosted with a few friends or it comes down to luck and betting on the right player.

Lapping It Up - Go to the strip club and get a private dance. Continually end and start a new dance until you have platinum. Have at least $1000 as dances are $40 each and you need 25 dances for platinum. If you have an apartment, you can try to get a stripper's number and call her to come to your apartment. The dances there are free.

Crate Chaser - After completing some jobs for Ron, crates will start dropping about once an hour. Be the one to get to the crates and pick up the contents for this award.

Salvaged - Rarely, a special crate will drop and you will be notified with some gold text on the screen. This contains much more valuable stuff than the regular crates.

Snapper Dresser - Go to a clothing store with a lot of money and purchase 25 different pieces of clothing.

Hairy Encounters - Go to a barber shop with a lot of money and purchase 25 haircuts.

Proud Gun Owner - Buy every gun available in an Ammu-Nation. This will require you to be level 120 for the mini-gun.

The Human Canvas - Go to a tattoo parlor with a lot of money and purchase a tattoo for each body part. This will require you to get 500 headshots for the face/head tattoo.

The Fugitive - Pick up a 5-star wanted level and proceed to lead the police on a very long chase. Or break it up in multiple police chases. Can be combined with the two awards below.

The Police Mocker and When Pigs Can Fly - Find a Buzzard and start blowing up police helicopters as they show up. Once you have a 5-star wanted level, evade it and repeat this.

Death By Drive-By - Have your friend drive you around as you kill AI enemies.

Vehicle Thief - Steal vehicles! An easy way to evade the wanted level you will eventually get is to steal vehicles near your apartment and enter it when you get a wanted level. Alternatively, load up the Downtown Underground race, set it to GTA, wanted level off, and traffic on. Go to the first intersection after the start and steal cars that are stopped at the lights.

Full Metal Jacket - Occasionally, you will see the armored truck icon on your map. Go to it, stop the truck, and blow open the back doors to claim the money.

Armed Robber - This is also an achievement. Rob each store on the map (each one you rob will disappear for a short time and reappear with a green checkmark). You can easily remove the wanted level by entering the in-game marketplace and backing out as soon as you grab the money.

Sky High - Blow up vehicles with any means you have. Explosives work well, obviously, but you can also shoot a car and it will eventually explode. There are a few jobs/missions that require you to blow up vehicles to complete it. Replaying these can quickly increase the number of vehicles you have blown up. Alternatively, load up the Downtown Underground race, set it to GTA, wanted level off, and traffic on. Go to the first intersection after the stunt jump to pick up rockets and blow up cars.

The Exporter - Simeon will occasionally ask you to find some vehicles listed in a text message. Find one of the vehicles, evade the police, respray it, and drop it off at the marked location. There is no way to speed this up.

No Claims Bonus - Go to the Sandy Shores Airport near where Trevor lives and drive circles on the runways for 30 minutes without damaging your car.

The Passenger - Get in the passenger seat of a friend's vehicle and sit it in for a long time.

Mile High Club - Steal or purchase a helicopter and fly it for a long time. If you go up to the game ceiling, you can easily rubberband the helicopter.

Suped Up - Go to a Los Santos Customs with a lot of money and purchase each type of mod. You also have to purchase the Chrome finish for your vehicle, which requires 50 races wins.

Airborne - The stunt jump in the middle of the Downtown Underground race will work every time if you use Super vehicles. Set it to GTA race, make sure to pick up the boost before the ramp, and use the boost right after the ramp to hit the jump at full speed.

Flippin' Hell and Spinderella - The obvious method would be to find a big mountain or good jump to work on these. You can also try to use the gate launch glitch:
If you are having trouble getting the gate launch glitch to work and can't seem to get the flips and spins off mountains, you can give this method a try:

Unirider - Host the Taking Off race with vehicles set to motorcycles. Choose the Bati 801RR and drive from one of the runway to the other while doing a wheelie.

Head Banger. The Widow Maker, 3 For 1, Steaker, Stolen Kills, Death Toll, Killstreaker, and The Equalizer - These can be easily boosted with one friend in deathmatch. Just set the time limit as high as it will go and set the game to no score limit. Alternatively, play a lot of DM, TDM, and LTS to work on these.

The Bounty Hunter - Bounties will be set on players either by AI when a player steals a vehicle or by other human players. Find someone with a bounty and kill them. This can be worked on with 2 people placing bounties on each other.

Smoke 'Em Out - Go to a gang attack with at least one other person and kill the most enemies. This is easy with one friend. Just have your friend not kill any enemies while you kill them all.

Bloodiest Of The Bunch - Go into a Survival match with three other players and get the most kills. If you do this with friends, they can let you get most or all of the kills. During round 2, everyone can kill themselves/die and this award will unlock.

All WEAPON awards - These can be easily boosted with one friend in deathmatch. Just set the time limit as high as it will go and set the game to no score limit. Alternatively, play a lot of DM and TDM to work on these.

Many thanks to everyone who contributes anything to this thread!

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