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DECORATED Achievement Roadmap
Written by Necrophage33.

Recommended Easiest Platinum Medals
1. 25 haircuts - requires at most $7500 if you buy the cheapest ones
2. 25 outfits - requires ~$2000 if you just buy tshirts, tank tops, etc
3. No claims bonus - boring/time-consuming, but just drive around the airport
4. Private dances - requires $1000, start dance, quit dance, start dance, etc.
5. Hold up Stores - required for the achievement anyway
6. Steal cars - GTA race, wanted level off, traffic on
7. Blow up cars - GTA race, wanted level off, traffic on, use rockets
8. Stayed on Target - use Terminal Velocity
9. 2000ft Wheelie - use the airport runway
10. 25 different races - switching between GTA and Standard also counts
11. 300ft jumps - Downtown Underground race with Super car
12. Every mod - requires ~$100-150k and 50 race wins for chrome finish, which you'll likely get below from doing races for RP
13. 10 Survival waves - needed for achievement anyway
14. Point Break - play Up In the Clouds and hold back the whole time

2 players required:
15. Win race w/ custom vehicle - need to do 5 for achievement anyway
16. Win races - Criminal Records, one lap (be sure to bet on yourself)
17. Win GTA races - same as above, NOTE GTA races also count toward "races" above
18. Penetrate from Behind - Criminal records, 2 laps, pass leader on last lap (be sure to bet on yourself)
19. World Record - Criminal Records, 2 laps, split times - world record
20. Fastest Lap - Criminal Records, 2 laps, second lap should do it
21. Betting wins - Criminal Records, 1 lap, loser must bet min on himself
22. Most Gang Attack kills - partner should let you get all/most kills
23. Most Survival kills - play one wave and get all/most kills (needs 4 people)
24. Spinderella - use Cargobob in videoguide
25. Flippin Hell - same as above
26. Aces in Tennis - second player lets you score on every serve
27. 5 set tennis match - same as above (will take around 15 minutes per match)
28. Straight sets - same as above
29. Win in every game type - needed for Numero Uno achievement anyway
30. Road Rage - Criminal Records, 1 lap, GTA race, kill second player 3 times with rockets before winning
31. Ten-kill Streak - Morgue Deathmatch (smallest map I've played yet), kill each other 10 times in a row
32. Arm Wrestling Wins - very fast matches, win 25 in a row then switch
33. Granny (all targets same color) - target grid match, let each other flip all targets to one color, done in seconds

Efficient Groupings of Platinum Medals
1. Solo Freeroam
  • 25 haircuts
  • 25 outfits
  • every mod
  • private dances
  • hold up 20 stores
  • no claims bonus
Simply acquire these at your leisure in freeroam, when you have enough money.

2. Solo Race - Downtown Underground - GTA Race - Super Cars - One Lap - Traffic On - Wanted Level Off
  • 300ft Jumps
  • Blow Up Cars
  • Steal Cars
Host this job solo, use rockets to blow up traffic cars during your races, and get the boost before the stunt jump. Each race will get you one of the 25 jumps, and a handful of blown up cars. When you're done with the 25 jumps, use respawning rockets to blow up cars and farm them. You can also get out of your car to steal cars stopped at traffic lights and don't have to worry about wanted level for either.

3. 2-Player Race - Criminal Records - GTA Race - Custom On - 2 Laps - Wanted Level Off - Traffic Off - Split Times Personal
  • Race Wins
  • GTA Race Wins
  • Win a Race with a Custom vehicle
  • Road Rage
  • Penetrate From Behind
  • Betting Wins
  • World Record
  • Fastest Lap
Host this job with a friend and set it to two laps. Alternate wins. GTA Race wins also count toward the Race Wins, so do both together. The winner will bet max on himself, the loser with bet min on himself. The winner will be in second place after the first lap, then pass the loser on the second. Also each person will take one turn using rockets to blow up the opponent 3 times before you win to unlock Road Rage. Do this until Penetrate From Behind is complete. From then on, the winner will win both laps. Your second lap should be much faster than the first, and will get you Fastest Lap and most likely World Record if you keep at it. You should be close to platinum on betting wins by the time you get your 50 race wins. When you finish, you should have earned plenty of money to use for the medals in section 1 above.

4. 2-Player Tennis - 5 Sets
  • 25 Aces in Tennis
  • Win a 5 set match
  • Win with straight sets
Host the match and have one player win every game and every set. This will take 20 minutes per 5-set match. You need to win 3 sets, and 6 games per set. The winner will get an ace on every serve. When the loser is serving, return the serve and score a point there. You'll have to play through two 5-set matches, but you'll both easily get your 25 aces by the time you're done, and you'll both have all three platinums.

5. 2-Player Deathmatch - Morgue - Max Time Limit - Max Kill Limit
  • 500 Headshots
  • 500 Pistol Kills
  • 3-For-1
  • Streaker
  • Deathmatch Kills
  • Killstreaker
  • Equalizer
  • Tattoo every body part
If you wanted to boost medals in deathmatch, this is how I would set it up: 2 players, smallest map possible. Every kill should be a pistol headshot. First one player will kill the other 10 tens, then switch and repeat. Now take turns killing each other 3 times in a row, then switching. Three kills in a row gives you 3-to-1, and killing someone after they killed you three times gives you Equalizer. By the time you reach 500 headshots/pistol kills, you'll have gotten the other 5 platinums. I included Tattoo every body part because 500 headshots is required to unlock the head tattoo, which then allows you to get this easy (yet expensive) platinum medal. Naturally, instead of pistol kills, you can do it with whichever weapon type you want, but stick with one for 500 kills and 500 headshots.

6. Solo - Free Roam - Buzzard Helicopter Required
  • When Pigs Can Fly
  • Sky High
  • Mile High Club
  • The Fugitive
  • The Police Mocker
Play in a solo session so you don't have to deal with other people. Steal a Buzzard Helicopter (comes with miniguns and unlimited missiles). Use your missiles to blow up cars around town. When the police show up, blow up their cars. When the police choppers show up, alternate between blowing up choppers and blowing up cars. Eventually you'll earn a 5-star wanted level. You can maintain this wanted level for The Fugitive, and/or continually escape it in your helicopter for The Police Mocker. By the time you're done with When Pigs Can Fly and Sky High, you should be more than halfway done with Mile High Club and can rubber band your controller for the remaining time.

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