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Playthrough 1
These achievements are part of the story. But Follow these in the order as I posted them here.
Start with 長い坂道
then 最初の輝きand 楽しみを重ねてNew game :You will get both of these at the same time!
広いお庭- Load save 3 and follow the route
Load save 4 and follow the route
Load save 1 and follow route
Load save 10 and follow route
Load save 9 and follow route
Load save 8 and follow route
満開の桜- Load save 12 and follow route!
And いつか来る日-Load save 2follow route

Does the guide start from there?
or a little lower.

Edit: OK I figured it out. That's the roadmap. It starts a little lower. And GREAT GUIDE WELL DONE!!!!!

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