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Originally Posted by BiggD View Post
Checking Out - win a game of darts in the quickest way possible (6 dart checkout

Jesus. Is this just straight Bullseyes?
I wrote a quick guide for this but it was hidden earlier, if you still want to know really quick here it is.
Darts is an incredible game goodluck.

~~ Checking Out/General Darts Mini-Guide ~~

I really love darts and I believe darts is a bit of an esoteric game. So I'll add a little insight about the "Checking Out" achievement if anyone happens to need any help.

A couple easy checkouts I use are: (Basic Guide below if this doesn't make sense)

T20, T20, T20 + T19, D20, D12

If you accidentally miss one of the T20s, you can still check out using:

T20, T20, 20 + T19, T18, DB (double bulls-eye).

(You need to be able to hit at least 2 T20s in your first turn to be able to check out)

Cool tip: You can just out with just 3 darts if your score is 170 or less Excluding these Seven Scores (169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162, 159). So 158-2 are 100% checkout-able in 1 turn.
List of all possible checkouts: (refer to this after your first 3 throws to see if you can still checkout)

This website is a list of common checkouts, whatever your score is refer to this list before you throw you can think of it as a little "Cheat Sheet".

~~~ Basic Darts Guide ~~~

In 301 the goal is to get your score from 301 down to exactly 0 (ending on a DOUBLE) using the shortest amount of darts thrown.

The last dart you throw needs to finish on a DOUBLE, the double is the rectangle areas on the OUTSIDE of the dartboard, also the very CENTER (bullseye) counts as a double as well.

Example: If you have a score of 10 remaining, in order to with you need to hit the DOUBLE 5, (5x2 = 10). Hitting a double to win the game is called "Checking out".

You always want to aim for the TRIPLE 20 (the triple is the small red rectangle in the middle of the 20 slot), this is the highest scoring spot on the entire board, netting a maximum possible of 180 in an entire turn.

So, the 2 big things you need to know for success:

~ Aim for the TRIPLE 20
~ Finish on a DOUBLE.
~ Refer to this website when you have a score of 158 or less to see how to check out.
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