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[General 6] Clear Out - clear out 5 gang attacks in one game day in a single session

#1 back of building next to storm drains, on multiple levels
#2 under bridge just south of ammunation with range
#3 construction site {parachute marker}
#4 little farm with those half-circle sun-shield things for crops {near a race marker}
#5 airplane graveyard {near survival location}

#6 (not marked) at the western end of the airfield used in game by trevor during drug trafficking missions

#7 blue markers i cant remember which one is correct, its jsut south of a main bridge on hte traintracks

just did it in solo session; had issues getting htem to spawn reliably in public. solo wasnt much better. id reccomend starting at "#5" at the boneyard then grabbing a heli from the big airstrip just a little west and then flying to the lcoations and slowing down as you approach, circle a bit then try the next

[Vehicle 3]No Claims Bonus - drive for 30 consecutive minutes without damage to your car

depending on the coding you might be able to get it with a plane/heli/boatwhich would obviously lend itself better to a (semi-)rubberband approach. if someone hasnt got anything better to do might be owrth trying

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