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Originally Posted by Fana View Post
Any tips on the hole on one? As for the info so far thank you!
I've messed around with it a bit, set it to Start hole 6 and end hole 6.

Hole 3 and 6 are both par 3's but I feel Hole 6 is the easiest.

(Hole 4 is a Par 4 but it should be possible to get a hole-in-one. If you apply spin you can get it onto the green in 1 shot, although this is by far the hardest, not advised)

Closest I've gotten is 2 feet (in 3 attempts) but you should be able to get a hole-in-one on hole 6 within 25 tries

Basically aim for a few yards right before the fringe, and it'll roll right near the hole, only problem is the wind does change so each time it will be dynamic.

The worst part is I've been unable to find a replay button, so everytime you complete the hole it takes 1-2 mins to get back into hole 6.
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