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Originally Posted by UnarmedReaper07 View Post
I've been busy with real life and other games lately. I only got 3/4 items from the 1st half of save the king. Well my collection had to perish some day. Some people don't know how to play the special challenge at all.

I heard some great stuff is happening in October. This includes a some stuff, including the "Engineer".
Deja-vu, right? People don't know how to play the special challenge....

All my items perished about 2 months ago. I reached my capacity of items and sold them all for Happy Stars, now I'm pretty much idle at over 400K stars since I tend to use them for Spawn Stronger all the time.

Been waiting for engineer for who knows how long, all I can guess is that it's another cleric type..... the Berserker's for the warrior, Zephyr for mage.... we'll see when it's implemented.
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