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Secret Achievements

Signature 7
Campaign: Reach level three weapon proficiency with the P99.

The P99 is the signature weapon of James Bond, and you begin each mission with it in your possession. To gain weapon proficiency levels with this or any gun, you need to get a certain amount of kills with it. To gain Level 1 you need 35 kills, Level 2 you need 70 kills and Level 3 you need 105 kills. Once you have killed 105 enemies with the P99, you will have reached proficiency level 3 and the achievement will unlock.

With or Without Q 16
Reach Grave’s plane without using any in-car gadgets.

During the fourth mission 'Die Another Day', you will eventually come to a part where you get into your Aston Martin and chase The bad guy 'Graves'. During the chase you will be prompted to use certain gadgets that are built into your car, but you cannot use any of them. First you will be asked to turn on your traction control. Ignore it and continue driving without it. Be aware that your car will be more difficult to control without traction control, but do not turn it on. You will then be prompted to turn on the 'Threat Detection System'. Again, ignore this and keep driving. You will be avoiding mortar strikes and the Icarus(A giant laser beam), so be careful, but refrain from using any of the 2 gadgets at your disposal. You will eventually get to a cutscene with another car that has caught up to you.

After the cutscene, you will be behind the car that has caught up to you and you will be prompted to activate your 'Weapon Systems'. Do not do this and continue driving. You will still be avoiding strikes from the giant laser beam and mortar strikes from the green car in front of you. Be patient and keep driving without using any of your gadgets. Eventually you will catch up to the green car and crash into them to force them into one of the giant laser beams.

After this cutscene, you will be on the runway and have to catch up to a plane that is taking off. Once you reach the plane and drive up the ramp, you will activate a cutscene and the plane will take off, unlocking the achievement.

Huge thanks to Youtube user for the video.

One small step for a man 0
Experience zero-g.

This achievement will be unlocked during the final mission 'Moonraker' during the second level 'Space Station'. After a cutscene early on in the mission you will de-activate the gravity aboard the space station and begin to float around. This achievement is part of the story and thus cannot be missed.

Omega Virus 15
Public Match: Kill an enemy who has completed the campaign or who already has this Achievement.

This achievement is unlocked by killing another player online, who has either unlocked this achievement their self, or by killing another player online who has completed the campaign mode. You will likely get this without trying, but if you wish to be sure of unlocking this, you should consult the achievement trading thread, found Here to find someone to boost this with.
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