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Originally Posted by XxxSyLiZaRxxX View Post
Not to be rude but....some of you wont get this because of its one the stupidest things i've ever heard. Plus I think the acheivements are pretty good, and its not like "grabbag" wants you to kill thousands of teammates, you kill one its not the most repulsive thing to do, u know?
How many times do you think someone will get into a public match and say to themselves... ok grab bag here we go... I need a creature, an enemy, a teammate and myself... so I can get my teammate right now *blam*. And then that person respawns and comes looking for you cause he knows what achievement you're after and wants to mess it up for you.

Online achievements are bad enough when they make you get certain situational kills with certain weapons or retarded stuff like that, but when they ask you to kill your teammates as part of the situation that's just over the line IMO. Multiplayer achievements should be structured most frequently around escalating rank. If a game developer really wants to include a good amount of MP achievements in their game they should just give you one for every set of ranks you progress. They wouldn't even have to go all the way to the highest rank, it's very reasonable for most decent players to get 2/3 or so the way up in rank, most games are about time played anyway when it comes to online rank. The more matches the better your rank. I hate seeing achievements like, "In a ranked FFA match stand in an open field and use only rocks to hit people in the head for the duration of the match". Achievements like that just seem like the developers were grasping at straws and trying to intentionally piss off the community by making us jump through some really retarded hoops.
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