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Fame or Shame important tip...

First off let me just say, great guide BiggD! Also, too all the haters out there, if you don't have anything constructive to say, just keep your mouth shut as you are not contributing anything. Getting off my soap box.

Now, regarding the "Fame or Shame" mission (and you may want to update the name of that mission in your guide BiggD, as it is "or" and not "of", but not a big deal). I spent easily over an hour trying to get the "Bearing Down" requirement. (See EDIT below) Turns out that you MUST keep the trailer hooked up AND keep close to Lazlow. I kept dropping the trailer right at the start of each replay because I already had "All Hooked Up" and just couldn't get the "Bearing Down" part... turns out that you won't get "Bearing Down" if you don't have the trailer. Kept the trailer on and then I got it the very next replay.

Mission 21: Fame or Shame (Triggered by either Michael or Trevor)
Bearing Down - Stay close to Lazlow throughout the chase
All Hooked Up - Don't unhook the trailer

EDIT(!): Metabolic x360a says that he was able to get the requirement WITHOUT the trailer attached, so I shouldn't have said "MUST keep the trailer hooked up". I am changing this to say, "If you are having problems getting this requirement, try doing it WITH the trailer attached as I was able to get it the first time, after trying many, many times without the trailer attached."
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