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Originally Posted by Metabolic x360a View Post
Sorry but that's not true, you just mustn't have been close enough on the previous tries, my first time playing this mission I unhooked the trailer immediately when Trevor told me to because I didn't know the gold requirements and the only check I received was Bearing Down.
I'm telling you that I did it at least 10 times WITHOUT the trailer and I was on Lazlow's ass the entire time for at least 7 of those tries. I started to get very frustrated and tried to find some help online (watched videos, etc.). I then decided to try it with the trailer and even though I couldn't stay as close as when I didn't have the trailer, I got it the first time trying it with the trailer attached.

I am not going to argue with you about this, I just figured I would put this out there in case other people run into the same problem that I had.
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