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Originally Posted by Joschwa View Post
Here are my stats for the "Castle of Varrvazzarr" A-Ranking

Time: 23:27
Kills: 703
Standard: 640
Orb Spark: 63
Orbs Obtained: 6393
Max Combo: 5022
Guard Survival Rate: 39%
Successful Missions: 4
Bonuses: 1700

What i did was:
(1)choose all archers start tell guards to stay and kill the goblin archers near
(2)Go directly East all the way to get 3 chests
(3)Go north up the winding road but DO NOT KILL ANYONE
(4)Run all the way to the end of this road without killing any enemies and get the three chests there (1 is double orb value everytime for me)
(5)Equip default weapon and any itms (cursed choker worked well for me) that will take away from your attack
(6)Keep swinging non-stop until you get 5000+ combo (re-equip attacking items and updated weapon)
(7)If there are a sufficient number of enemies left, use red bar orb attack to finish them off
(8)Proceed back to the main battle and kill all non-named enemies first and then Ppakk the Third, but try to get the blue bar up and keep it
(9)Once the orc captain appears, use orb spark... then defeat captain
(10)Defeat all enemies with Dwingvatt, and then Dwingvatt
(11) Rejoice

Congrats you should have an A Ranking

by the way, make sure to pick up everything, and destroy all the chests
I'm starting to really hate this game! How do you get such a high Max Combo? I've tried so many times, but only once managed to get my Max Combo over 3000, and still only got a B Ranking for Castle of Varrvazzarr. I just can't consistently get high combos with Aspharr. Swinging non-stop doesn't work for me. I eventually get hit hard by an enemy and the combo ends...
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