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This game is just about dead and it's all Toylogic's fault.

They had 400% more players in August when they gave away Happy Tickets (80 from McDonald's + Mission Mode tickets) now they're down to 20k because of bullshit like Limited Edition Happy Cards, new weapons that are way more powerful than anything anyone already has, and bots that make Dark Souls look like a children's game and are constantly changing the outcome of games and obliterating the skill-based competitive nature of a multiplayer-only game.

Seriously, I and many others believe that the level 15 bots are ruining Happy Wars completely and thoroughly. Why are there OP bots in multiplayer? What other multiplayer objective-based games have bots? Oh yeah, I know; fucking none.

Toylogic made a great game, and I'm always supportive of a good business model; but they are showing their complete disconnect with fans and spitting in the face of the many people who had heavily invested both time and money into this game over the last two months and it shows. Many teams have quit the game because of this shit and if they don't fix it soon, I honestly hope they crash and burn because I really like the game and would hate to see it die a slow death because Toylogic is so clueless.

Up until September Happy Wars was right up there with Halo and Dark Souls contending for 'my favorite Xbox 360 game' but the way Toylogic has been monkeying with it since has been devastating that notion.

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