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Originally Posted by Callum x360a View Post
Start a race with 2 or more players on "Criminal Records".

Set it to 2 laps, and as a Standard Race or GTA Race.

Once you pass the first lap, you'll get about 3000 RP (depending on your rank), and then once you finish, you'll earn the standard amount from the race. The player in first will get the most, while the losers get slightly less. It may not be exactly 3.9k, but it's still pretty damn close. After the initial lap, you won't get any extra points.

No idea why this is happening but it's fucking awesome!

You can replay races.

EDIT: I've posted it in the wrong place.

EDIT 2: It seems to be dependent on rank. For reference, we have a player at Rank 7. He gets about 2000 RP from the lap and roughly 1100 RP for winning. I'm Rank 40 and get about 2200 RP for a lap and 815 RP for 2nd place. BAR4D is Rank 85 and gets 3500-4000 for a lap, and 540 RP for 3rd place.
Excellent stuff, thanks for this.

I'll give this a go tomorrow.
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