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Corrected translation of all the tutorials, if needed, but they should probably be edited into the main posts so that people can see it. Please point out mistakes if you spot them! Especially if the mission names are wrong - I'm playing the German version of the game.

Health Shrines

Tutorial: Near the beginning of the game there's a (green) mission directly in front of your safehouse A. Accept it and show Amanda the city, you will get her phone number at the end of the mission. Call her to get a new mission and drive to the meeting point. Take a couple of pictures of her to complete the mission. The locations of health shrines will now be marked on your map.

Security Cameras

Tutorial: A few missions into the game you will be called by Raymond to get a bug from the store where you will meet "Not Ping". Complete the mission. "Not Ping" will call you afterwards and ask for date. (If she does not call you, you must be the one to call her.) When you're in the park with her, a mission will start. Complete it. The locations of all surveillance cameras now show up on your map.

Jade statues

There isn't an achievement for collecting all of the jade statues but they are probably needed for 100% completion of the game. You will also need them to learn new combat techniques. 2 statues can only be collected during missions but it's no problem if you miss it. Missions can be repeated at any time via the "social contacts menu".

Jade statues in missions:
Conflicted Loyalties
Bad Luck

Tutorial: Fairly early in the game you get a mission called "Bam Bam Club". Complete the mission to get the phone number of Tiffany. Call her after the end of the mission and she will want to sing a karaoke song with you. Meet her at the Bam Bam Club and finish the song with a rating of 90% or higher. The locations of all jade statues will now be marked on your map.


Tutorial: Near the middle of the game you get the mission "VIP" which you have to complete. During the mission you will get in contact with Ilyana. You will get her phone number after the mission. Call her and meet her at the K-Bar. She will challenge you to a Freerunning race which you have to win. Now the locations of the lockboxes will show up on your map.

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