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Originally Posted by The Nerevarine View Post
This game is just about dead and it's all Toylogic's fault.

Seriously, I and many others believe that the level 15 bots are ruining Happy Wars completely and thoroughly. Why are there OP bots in multiplayer? What other multiplayer objective-based games have bots? Oh yeah, I know; fucking none.

Toylogic made a great game, and I'm always supportive of a good business model; but they are showing their complete disconnect with fans and spitting in the face of the many people who had heavily invested both time and money into this game over the last two months and it shows. Many teams have quit the game because of this shit and if they don't fix it soon, I honestly hope they crash and burn because I really like the game and would hate to see it die a slow death because Toylogic is so clueless.
Are you talking about the special challenges that the bots are OP, because if so, I see why I don't feel the same way as you. I gave up on those type of events simply because of that reason of being sick of OP, all I do is regular matches, even though it kinda ruins my warrior on offense when the bots now know how to smash by double tapping the right trigger.

And the Save the King challenge was multiplayer and objective-based, that didn't have any OP bots.

But I do see where you're coming from. Why I will always play Co-op, maybe a quick match here and there, but that's it.

Originally Posted by TimespliTT View Post
i like the game but im still trying to figure out how people kill me with 1 hit when im level 5 and have like 400 more attack power then they do and have several attack buffs

it takes to long to start a match.. i sit for like 5 minutes waiting for the game to ready up 28/29........

and then you get like 500 happy stars for winning a match.. if your going to make things cost more happy stars GIVE me more happy stars.
To be honest, you say you're level 5. So your warrior, cleric, and mage (and berserker and zephyr, if you have them unlocked) doesn't have high stats to begin with, because your weight cap is too low.

My warrior has over 1300 attack with Ice Enchant Effect and Ambush Attack Up Level 3, so I can see me defeating a Level 5 in one hit, especially from behind due to my buff. I think you're thinking of this different. It doesn't matter how much attack you have, or attack buffs, it doesn't translate to your defense and how fast they can defeat you.

Yes, it does take a long time to start a match, Happy Wars still suffers from disconnection issues. Can't really elaborate on that, it's always going to happen.

If you need help surviving, getting achievements, or leveling up, I can help you out, but I'm not doing Quick Match. Co-op only
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