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Originally Posted by Metabolic x360a View Post
No one is arguing but people come here for help and you are making a definitive statement that I know is subjective and that's not going to help anybody. Your experience is your experience others might have a different one, like I did, so I was simply pointing out that what you said was not 100% guaranteed to work for everyone like you made it seem.
So are you saying that if someone keeps the trailer on AND stays close enough the entire time, they are NOT 100% guaranteed to get it...?

I can say with 100% certainty that if someone leaves the trailer attached and stays close the entire time, they will definitely get the requirement. 100% of the time. And I can say this with certainty and yes I am making a definitive statement that will help anyone that tries to do it that way.

You "may have" gotten it without the trailer, but that does not mean that others will be able to get it without the trailer. I could NOT get it when I did NOT have the trailer attached. 100% of the time, without the trailer, I did NOT get the requirement completed. The ONLY time I stayed close AND got the requirement was when I had the trailer attached. I don't see how my statement was not helpful. I would have found it helpful if I had found someone else mentioning this "possibility", since I wouldn't have kept trying without the trailer. Again, I got it the first time WITH the trailer (and I wasn't even able to stay as close as ALL OF THOSE times without the trailer).
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