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Originally Posted by Lava Tonsil View Post
I get the same issue with bots where i just can't beat them even with my tactically best equipment at level 52. I can only imagine how much worse it gets with a high level team in quick match.
Generally i play special events or co-op as the matchmaking is too frustrating in quick match. If bonus time is on when i'm trying to join a lobby i likely won't get a game.
Same here - I'm level 49 and sometimes I'll just be wailing on a bot with my super premium level 10 weapon and his health will barely go down and sometimes it will just freeze in place (even though he's not shielding)- it's just ridiculous. And same thing with getting attacked - super premium level 10 armour, yet I'll still get one-hit killed by a high level bot. At least I spend almost all my time as a Cleric now - doing tactical and hanging back and healing others who are getting their asses kicked instead of me
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