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Originally Posted by Metabolic x360a View Post
Well now you are just being pretentious and argumentative, both things I was not trying to be at all. Above you can see you original post and your new, amended, post you tried to pass off as the same statement. Which they aren't. Do you not see the difference between using words like MUST and WONT (definitive) and IF (subjective)?

I'm done now, the only thing I wanted to say has been said. Based off my own experience you don't need to have the trailer hitched to gain the check, so saying you must have it attached to do it is incorrect. That's it, no one is infallible, just accept it and move on. If you get this bent out of shape every time someone disagrees with you on the internet how do you get anything done?
Fair enough. I should amend the first statement to say that if you want to guarantee that you get Bearing Down, leave the trailer attached. But feel free to try it the other way, without the trailer attached, as others have said they were able to get the requirement without the trailer attached... I was not. (I did go back and edit the first post, so let me know if you think the edit is acceptable).

To be clear, I was just trying to help others as I spent easily over an hour doing this with no success (so very frustrating to listen to the same dialog over and over). Then the first time I replayed the mission with the trailer attached, I got a checkmark on the "Bearing Down" requirement. I've also seen plenty of videos of this mission, but I can't find one that shows "Bearing Down" being done without the trailer... not to say it doesn't exist or isn't possible, but if someone is having an issue getting that particular requirement, I would suggest doing it with the trailer attached.

Hope this helps someone. I know the suggestion would have helped me.
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