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Originally Posted by Mr Yac View Post
despite the game telling me I "failed to save prince Lawrence" I don't think you can, as the first time I went to Toad but then I replayed the chapter and went to him first and he was dead before I even got there, no laying on the ground still barely alive, just dead in his chair
Did you play through the chapter or quit after finding him dead in the chair. For me I went to Prince Lawrence first and it starts off with him seemingly dead but then revives after you've searched/looked through everything.

I even told him Faith had been killed and prevented him from killing himself while Dee was searching the place. Then again that scene doesn't really play out too well, you try getting out of the closet and he just falters in the process of trying to shoot himself. Bigby chases Dee and from what I can tell Snow leaves at the same time so I don't really see what was to stop him from killing himself after you both left. My stats claimed that I saved Prince Lawrence.
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