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Originally Posted by The Nerevarine View Post
The bots are better than the players ever since the Berserker update and it's ruined this game for all the competitive players. If you hadn't noticed, the Top 100 League Leaderboard this month is almost all noobies (except a few near the bottom) who are, quite frankly, terrible at Happy Wars and don't belong there. The good players have almost all gone because of the bullshit with the bots, the framerate issues introduced with the Zephyr update, and the lag nonsense that has plagued this game for months. When you slaughter seven human enemies and take the tower they were spawning from, and then two bots show up and kill you without taking a scratch and take the tower back... well, that's when you say "fuck Happy Wars."

For the record, if you don't have a problem with the bots it's probably because you don't play offense. Try building a cannon in front of the enemy castle some time when the other team's bots have the level 15 crap on, or try to take a tower in the middle of the field when the enemy team controls all the towers, and you will see that the bots will simply not let you do it. It's pretty fucking stupid when you have Immortal League games being decided by who lucked out and got the OP bots, versus who gets the dumb-as-shit bots that hang out at the base and build cannons for the enemy team.
Sounds like Quick Match turned into a complete nightmare, I mean I wouldn't know of the nightmare, or the League Leaderboard because all I do is Co-op, but I do have those matches where I'm the only experienced one, and I have to at least be a decoy so my team can find their way to the castle. All I do is just unbuild the tower closest to the castle so they don't spawn there, and kill everyone that approaches until I die, it works for the time being, and that's when I have to Spawn Stronger to try to even the odds.

And what do you mean by framerate issues?

By the way, my most hours are the warrior, over 100 hours, and the mage coming up on 80 hours, with the cleric last, around 60 hours. I'm completely offense (off the record trying to break my record of 93 kills in Co-op match). One of the two quests I don't have done is 300 ballista kills, I didn't care for ballistas or cannons since I could get the achievements by working around it. I don't have an issue with the Co-op bots because I keep facing the same teams over and over again to the point where I know of their capabilities just by looking at their names, and know how to attack them. And if my team can't do it, I spawn with Dash Boost, go straight to the castle and wreak havoc for as long as it takes - the only efficient way I have to push the enemy lines back.

Originally Posted by Orange Man View Post
I'm 90% sure that he's talking about his in-game level, not his overall level.
Oh, I didn't think of it that way. Thanks for clearing that up.
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