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Alright here it is. I didn't know Mission Times for the assassinations (at the bottom) so I guessed, just try and beat that time, shouldn't be hard as they're really easy.

For those of you who don't know how to work Google Documents and stuff, you have to have a gmail account first. Then go to the document go to File - Make A Copy. It should open up a brand new window/tab and you'll be able to edit it to your hearts content.

If you notice anything wrong let me know and I'll fix it, there might be a few missions that are missing that require nothing except for completion like Dotting Dad etc. I just followed the list on the front page.

And again if there is enough people wanting one I can make one for Strangers and Freaks.

EDIT - Idk if I'm missing it or something, but the list up front has Carbine Rifles on it and I don't see that mission anywhere on my list in-game. Does anyone have it on theirs?

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