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Originally Posted by Boylin View Post
It takes a while to update the online servers. If you quit out of multiplayer and then rejoin within about an hour you'll lose progress. If you wait a while before rejoining it will be fine. I had this happen earlier so turned my Xbox off before it saved, went back on after eating and it was back. As a test I sold a car and then quit, kept checking the Rock star Social Club and once that was updated I went back on and it was all fine. Maybe today they're taking longer to update for some reason, but if it happens again just leave without saving and wait a while, your money and xp should return :-)

While you could be right, nothing signifies this as being possible, the social club updates slow because its not in real time and never has been (would be stupid to update it in real time, the resources for something barely use would be ridiculous.)

However to update saves in realtime is something else... This is needed, its easy to get thrown back into singleplayer from MP, to lose a night/day/insert hours here, work because it fucked up... lol

I will be surprised if rockstar get peoples lost chars back like they state, this is just a needle in a cornfield compared to that in terms of what they want to do, 50 levels vs 4hrs? lol

Oh and also, i drop in and out all the time as i go through phases of only playing friends games, never lost anything. I've not played since tonights patch but its a fairly good point that patch comes and issues crop up again, they will not of meant it but again, 100 testers in rockstar 1mill+ testers outside, bugs will be found the testers did not.

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