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Originally Posted by Killerchronic View Post
Wrong forum, should use the online one now.

This has been fixed though, maybe you didn't have the new update yet? But saves have been fine and leaving online you should hit start and go to online and quit that way, but still cloud servers seem fine now and i've just turned off the console lots and never lost anything since the patch or 2 ago.
Sorry dude, I completely missed the online forum I honestly noticed there was one even though I know they do it, I hardly use these forums these days.. Plus I posted this on my phone :P

Anyway yeah, now you mentioned the patch I forgot that came tonight, good point! I think this happened me once or twice during the first week but I haven't noticed it happen since till tonight! So it must be the patch. This is why I posted the forum coz I thought they fixed it so I was wondering, I'm glad to know it's not just me otherwise this would be more concerning.. Not the end of world it's just annoying, I got my levels back already.. One thing I did notice is that because I was mainly racing, I noticed that I kept my race wins, and they still counted towards my awards.. But that's leader board so that's different, but I'm just saying I noticed it saved
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