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I kinda have a similar problem. I played a couple of hours, returned to sp to have dinner. When I returned everything changed back. Except that I kept the modded car I bought today. Now everytime I join an online game my rank and bank returns to the state it was at the beginning (190k and lv 29) except I keep the car(mod)s. Tried it several time but I end up with the same bank and lvl. Weapon mods and clothing disapear. Bought bulletproof tires for all my cars using this. But stopped playing since I can't level up or earn more cash for the cars I actually want since it gets reset anyways. PS this was after the update.

Edit: it returned to back to normal. I can rank up and earn money since it saves like it should. Turned my xbox off for a couple of hours. When I returned I had 50k left and all the car mods, weapon mods, ammo and clothes I bought during the glitch.

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