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With all the butthurt over the MP achievements, not much attention has been dedicated to the secret achievements or the story achievements.
I wonder if Ubisoft intentionally made horrible MP achieves to cover up the modern day Abstergo missions. Like we have a buttload of footage featuring Edward and his adventures, and the MP, especially Manhunt and Wolfpack. But nothing about the modern day. We only have a few snapshots of the office. And how exactly is our character gonna start suspecting Abstergo of bad things? There's nothing that ties the Templars to Abstergo, and for good reason. Is Clay gonna come in as deus ex machina and start dropping hints? i mean, it's possible, because his memories were still inside the Animus Core, which Abstergo remote-hacked. But that would mean that he expected Abstergo to remote-hack the Core. Although it wouldn't be the first time he has knowledge which seems to come from nowhere.
Also, on the modern day front, are we gonna get to customise our character, and make it truly us working for Abstergo and undermining it from the inside? And is our character gonna discover the truth about Abstergo and get chased off like Shaun did? Then, either our character becomes an Assassin or dies horribly.
Anyways, gonna be gaming out to this next weekend and it'll be awesome. Gonna be drinking with my brother just to make it a little more fun
For every main assassination target killed, take 1 shot
For every time you die, take 2 shots
For every bar you unlock, finish your drink.
Come on, fellow Assassins! Let's rock it.
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