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Major spoiler (maybe?)

Uhm, I'm not sure what to think of Snow's "death". I read that this was a prequel to the comic in some previews and that the story actually had to be accepted by the creator. I never read the comics, but from glancing over some comments it seems like she is alive and fine in them ... so that scene would make no sense and is actually kinda weak as a cliffhanger for people who know the comic. It's like "killing" Batman after 10 minutes in a Batman movie.

Or am I missing something and she could really be dead? I mean killing off two hot chicks day one, come on, that'd be cruel.

Still, really good game, as I said i don't know it's source material, but the premise and setting is insanely good, even better than TWD. Hope this doesn't turn into a 08/15 serial killer hunt with some fairytale lore stuffed in it. Would really like to see more of this "world" and its characters. I really loved the music as well.

But I have to admit I'd like to have some sort of evolution on how your choices affect the story in future games like that. I know that it would be really difficult to write a game with so many story branches, but if delivered well I think it should be a success as well.

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