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Originally Posted by Jack Frost View Post
I found this out the hard way Thursday night:
Also, it's not saving other bits of progress, either.

For instance, I've completed the Boneyard Survival three times now, once by myself. I have the achievement and my stats say the highest wave I've reached is 10. But the progress for having done a Survival at all still sits at 0/6. The green checkmark even is removed once I load up the game again.
I don't think the Survival tracking problem you experience is due to a saving issue. Based on my own experiences, I believe there is a Survival specific glitch at work here. I had to complete Survival 5-6 times before I got proper credit for it. For example, I completed all 10 waves, but the award only gave me credit for 7 of those 10 waves. In fact, over time, I noticed the tracking stats go down sometimes (e.g.: from 7 to 3 to 0).
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