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Originally Posted by Suki View Post
i installed both disks to hdd to see what it was like and it was bad, i had banners, signs, textures and manholes and even structures popping up right in front of me so i uninstalled and then installed disk 2 to a 32 gig usb and it runs silky smooth with no pop up at all and this is the only way to go imo. It is worth getting a big usb as i think a lot more 2 disk games will work like this.
And yet I am using the exact same spec console and haven't even realised the problem till I read this thread! I've had no pop up the game runs fine, well I've been playing since release day and so far I think the only pop up might have been I was fondling a stripper (okay you don't get to write that every day) and the security must have come back and the screen flashed and then there was 3 guys trying to beat me up still sat down. But apart from that nothing even noticeable.

Still 32Gb flash drives are cheap in Asda (Walmart) so I may buy one tomorrow as the free games on gold are filling my 250 HD up to near max.
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