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i like them all, i was curious about how R* was going to be able to balance out 3 separate characters, what happened if one character was used way more than the other 2? Thankfully R* has done a great job thanks to the writing, without the superb writing, the 3 character layout would have failed miserably. My favourite character so far has to be Michael, and that may be because ive had more missions that have focussed on him, and that may simply because im only halfway through SP campaign. A lot of people seem to love trevor and at first i couldnt really see what was so special about him. Then when i was in freeroam, i was switching to him and he was throwing a Lost biker gang member off a bridge while saying something along the lines of "Im sorry i dont have more time to talk about the virtues of bigotry!" i literally laughed for like 5 minutes. As i play the campaign more, Im beginning to warm up to Trevor simply because i respect the fact that he is good at what he does. i respect people who are the best at what they do no matter how immoral or amoral they are (this is why i always rooted for character such as Hans Landa, Walter White (i never stopped rooting for him!). i also like Franklin in the sense that you get to know what motivates him, and he seems to be the most human out of the trio.
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