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This guide is not very clear at all If the guy writing it hadn't put regarding so many things, "I'm not going to write this anymore, so just do it", it would be much clearer. Writing what he has is complete lazyness.

The guide is not clear, because a lot of the messages and stuff in playthrough 1 (all I've managed to do so far, aren't even clear. This is extremely annoying because if I have it repeating, do I check the phone every time the phone sound goes off? Do I check it and do the next action every time the game stops from the repeating and wants me to do something, by pressing A to read the messages at the bottom of the screen, not on the phone? The guide does not go through this, and it's extremely annoying.

A guide should be CRYSTAL CLEAR for being a walkthrough, otherwise it's a 'tips and hints' not a walkthrough.
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