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Lightbulb Pirated copy?

So ironically, this guy appears to have pirated a copy of the game and has been posting his playthrough. While I obviously frown on that, I've been watching a few of his videos and actually saw gameplay of Abstergo.
And I may or may not have fangasmed when I saw FREAKING REBECCA at Abstergo! She was there as a courier. Now I don't believe that Erudito or Clay are gonna take part in the storyline, but I think that Shaun may pop in to leave notes around, or Rebecca will alter your Animus in the same sort of way Clay did. The woman who introduces your character to the basics of Abstergo Entertainment refers to the floor of the RAs as the Sample 17 floor, saying that due to Desmond Miles 'a very generous donor' they can produce a full-length game. Ubisoft is breaking the fourth wall all over the place with Abstergo and I don't think anyone really cares.
Highlights of Abstergo gameplay:
Company-issued Communicator allows you to scan 'Sticky Notes', messages with unknown origin referring to Those Who Came Before
Multiple floors within the building
Large area to traverse without even getting into restricted areas
Restricted ares with Security Clearance levels of 1,2,3. Gotta hack em.
Action figures of Ezio and other Assassins teased in screenshots must be collected. Also saw figurines of Multiplayer characters. Most likely have to complete challenges for those characters as we did in AC 3 MP.

Anyone have any revelations which would be nice?
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