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There does appear to be a couple of errors under the messages from Shining Finger segment.

[Load Slot 1]
そっかぁ -> すごいね!
それじゃあ (FINAL)

The bit in RED is NOT a reply, however, the bit in BLUE goes where the bit in RED is for a reply. The bit in GREEN does not appear here, but the bit in RED appears where the bit in GREEN is, so this part of the walkthrough SHOULD look like this:

[Load Slot 1]
そっかぁ -> 何をしてるの?
すごいね!(FINAL) (view the attachment)

Finally, it might be a good idea to tell people to activate 'QUICK SAVE' before loading a point. This doesn't erase or change any save files, but saves the system file, so that all messages read are saved at this point, so you can't miss anything.

Hope this helps.

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